Amlwch Breakwater

The place is famous for its copper mines and there are relics from this period of history dotted about, as well as the ‘Copper Kingdom” visitor centre just above the harbour. The sea has a nice blue/green tinge to it and looks very inviting, very cold though throughout the year.

A small breakwater on the north coast of Anglesey, with rocky outcrops jutting out either side of the entrance which in fair weather are accessible. Fish can be had all round, the inside is particularly good when on a mini’s species hunt with plenty around during the summer months. It is also famous among anglers for it’s Conger population that inhabit the area both on the inside and outside. The breakwater is a perfect habit for them, coupled with the rocky outcrops it is an ideal area to target them. There are regular catches reported but I have not seen any monsters yet.

The inside of the breakwater is not guarded/fenced so be careful if taking children. Fishing is easy enough as the breakwater itself is basically a large platform, tripod or against the wall with a rag to stop your rod being scratched.

When fishing the rocky outcrops to the right hand side of Amlwch Breakwater (When facing the sea) there is a car park just further up than the Copper Kingdom. When fishing the breakwater there is a bit of a walk from the road or like me you will drive down a very ruff path. Drive down to the left of the grey garage and you will be on the right path, there is room for a few cars only. It is only a short walk from this point though it maybe a little unnerving for some due to proximity to the water and turning circle etc

Road to parking at bit rough

Dropped pin
near Unnamed Road, Amlwch LL68 9HE

or park above the Copper Kingdom to fish the headland / inside the harbour

Dropped pin
near Pen Cei, Amlwch LL68 9DB