Ty Croes

Ty Croes is a place I have fished this place loads of times, some luncker size fish about too. I had my personal best Wrasse here but didn’t have scales to weigh it, how do I know then? It was loads bigger! The wrasse in the above picture was caught in a crevice, 2 foot from the side.

Tactics and bait are what this place is about, you can do it all, beach cast, feather, float or if you are like me a bit of everything on the day. Best to keep yourself busy if fishing in daylight I say, more species and more fun.

No for the less able as when you get over the turnstile there is an uphill walk however it’s not too steep, park up on the grass at the end of the houses just before you enter the race track. Its easy to miss the little sign saying fisherman’s car park but not miss the grassy area itself at the end of the houses.

At the end of the path it opens out and you can fish any section of the rocky coastline in front of you, this involves another walk though not too far. The rocks can be treacherous if slippy or wearing unsuitable footwear. I found this out the hard way thinking my new trainers would be fine, almost ruined the session before it got started. Hands cut to ribbons, backside almost broken and a few bent eyes and scratches on a new rod…wounded literally and figuratively.

As I mentioned previously the rocks are really a treacherous, jagged and steep in places making them none to easy to walk on. Watch out, the lower you get the green sections are very slippy indeed. The closer to the sea you get the more you need to read the sea, swells can easily wash you off these rock marks if you are not careful. Safety first.

Fishing fairly deep water close in means there are often some large Huss about as well as the obliging dogfish. Rays are caught here quite often, you can catch pretty much anything at Ty Croes. Quite possible my favorite Angelesey sea fishing venue.

This is a fantastic fishing venue. All sorts to be had including Rays, Huss, Conger etc I had consistent 4 mackerel a chuck to feathers along with some nice Pollack whilst trying to get fresh bait, all good size.

When it’s been quiet I have baited lug or I find more productive – rag worm onto feather with a 3 ounce lead and chucked into the little alcoves / bay and tighten up and have caught plenty of Wrasse this way. You have to be quick or they will quickly snag you as there are plenty of good size Ballan in the area.

Just something I have noticed but fishing to the right at the end of the path seems a little more productive, I’m told it’s a bit deeper. Fishing at distance is onto a sandy bottom, the closer you come in the rockier it is and good for sorts of species. My usual setup is two rods out and something lighter close in. I have fished at night here on the left most finger so to speak. We had a group of Whales swim past and then it was none stop catching through out the night. My favorite session to date.

Well worth a visit or 10, just wish others wouldn’t leave rig wrappers, cans of beers and smashed bottles as it takes the edge off what is a fantastic all round fishing venue.
I have highlighted a few areas to fish below, there are a few others but for me they are little bit like too much hard work to get to.

Fisherman’s carpark, clicking the link below will start up google maps on your phone and give you sat nav directions to the car park


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