Pwllheli Beach

On the south coast of the Lllyn Peninsula. Pwllheli beach is a vast expanse of a beach starting at the famous Gimblet Rock to the east and ends down near the start of Llanbedrog.

This is both a low and high tide fishing mark. It can also be a very busy beach in terms if holiday makers during summer, particularly during the school holiday. The Gimblet rock area is usually quieter as well as away from car parks.

There is parking (at cost via pay and display) to the back of the beach. If your fishing the Gimblet rock area there is a little sand car park that’s free, you can only get about 8-10 cars here if all are parked well. It’s on the right before you enter the Gimblet Rock holiday park.

The Gimblet Rock area is into slightly deeper water and offers up your usual species, some try feathers off the rock itself for mackerel with mixed results. At the end of May I had a few dabs and a doggy on black lug, a guy next to me had a proper setup! As he brought one fish in he was clipping on his next rig and out it went. I was surprised how little bait he was using, he was on the peeler and squid and was doing well. He pulled in the smallest thornbacks ray I have ever seen amongst his other fish.

At the other end of the beach at the back of the golf course is a reputable area for catching bream once the sea has warmed up in the summer months. Your standard warm weather species are also available across the length of the beach. Personally I have never fished it during the winter months, the reports for the area are nothing to shout home about during this period. I have experienced lots of weed when fishing the beach during the fairer months, only once have I called it a day so far due to this though.

Paid parking further down the beach

near 19-29 The Promenade, Pwllheli

Free parking next to Gimblet Rock

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Mackerel Rock (Llyn) Aberdaron beach

Looking left towards Gimblet Rock and then right towards the back of the golf course.

The free parking spots are next the building by Gimblet Rock (second to last picture)