Everytime we drive past my youngest points out that this is the place we first went sea fishing, fishing in general really. I think he was 7 at the time.

The entrance is easy to miss as it’s a little turn up a rural track or a brisk walk from the funship market car park but this limits where you fish unless you like a walk whilst carrying your fishing tackle!

Towards the funship the fishing ground at lower tide is really sticky mud in places , it makes your feet weigh a ton so boots are a must to help keep feet dry. It’s a bit rockier towards the dock end.

Mostyn has a bit of a reputation around the dock area for some decent conger but the reports have been a bit sparse recently. It’s a great place for flatties and is known to throw up thornback rays quite regular during the right season (may-sept ish). Regulars such as bass etc are caught and in Winter, cod are caught fairly regular. I’ve caught whiting on whelks off the rocks and they outfished blag lug, no specimens mind you.