Pigeon Holes (cove)

Pigeon Holes is one of the only sea fishing marks along the North Wales coast (not includinging Anglesey and the Llyn Peninsula) that gives access to deeper water at both high and low tides.

Pigeon Holes is not an easy access venue, it does involve a bit of a climb on the way down and back up again. I would avoid if wet as the grass and climbing section will become wet and slippy. The fishing itself is off a vertical rock face, the top is flat. The cliff cannot be climbed up or down for better access. Bear this in mind as the tackle you are using has to be able to pull anything you catch up the rock face. Unfortunately a fisherman tragically lost there life fishing this mark in May 2018, always be cautious.

To access the mark you must drive (Or walk, bit of a trek) along Marine Drive. There is a toll of £3 per car, park the car where the rock overhangs the road, its about 100 metres after the first left bend you come too. There is a gap in the wall directly opposite where you park, through the gap and to the right you will see the well worn path down to the fishing mark.

This fishing Mark and the pier give access to Pollack, Wrasse and minis as well as your usual species…season dependant of course. I have only ever caught doggies, small Pollack and mackerel here. Bearing in mind I have only fished it during the warmer months, also there are not many recent fishing reports. Not a venue I will be going back too anytime soon as with any fishing Mark it can have it’s day….It’s just never really been my day whilst fishing there.


Marine Dr, Llandudno


Pigeon Holes (cove)