Gynn Wall

Good old Blackpool, first thing to remember when planning a session to the Gynn wall is traffic as it a haven for day trippers and holiday makers alike. Away from the bright lights, Blackpool Pleasure Beach and the amusement arcades there is some excellent fishing to be had. Starting from the North pier at Blackpool is the Gynn Wall, part of the Flyde coast sea defence wall stretching up to Fleetwood. All sections are fish-able but there are many popular spots amongst sea anglers.
Gynn Wall is one I have tried and tested many times, it can be hit and miss like any fishing mark and can sometimes keep you on your toes. There are plenty of places to park in the side streets from the promenade above, and a few pay an display areas. For the less able anglers or regular visitors to the mark there are passes available from Blackpool council for £30 or £15 disabled angler – available HERE. This allows you to drive onto the wall 3 hours before and 3 hours after high tide and fish from your car.

The area I tend to fish is to the left of the boating pool however the the right is most popular, which incidently is now a Go kart track. The Gynn wall can throw up surprises in terms of what species are available. My first ever fish here was the lesser weaver, I brought him in and was just about to grab it (was my second fishing outing ever)…an angler spotted what I was doing and saved me from a nasty sting. Learned a forever lesson that day, given I caught 4 more later it was a good thing to learn.

I was there 2 weeks ago (17.6.18) and caught my first Dover sole to black lug with 2 more following it. I once caught a PB red kite with a 10 foot tail, first and hopefully last one of those! It really can throw anything up though, I’ve seen a few stonking bass. Smoothhounds, thornbacks and the regular Dab, flounder, Whiting, doggies, lesser weaver even tope pups. Plaice in summer, Cod in winter etc. There are guys who fish it rain or shine, a good source of information regarding recent catch reports is the Angling addicts forum, check out the northwest section. Locals lads who fish it a lot, can be a good read too. Shacky puts some cracking posts on.

Larger fish can be caught at distance with the right bait dependant on what species you are targeting. You don’t have to fish at distance as you will catch literally at the base of the wall, the flat fish species and others come in against the base at times. A gentle 20yd lob can put you into the fish.

It can be fished 2-3 hours up and the same down dependant on how big a tide it it. One evening the tide had left the base of the wall and 3 of us were still pulling out whiting in plague numbers! The back of the wall where you are fishing is basically one long bench, most take there tripods but if your travelling light a cloth on the wall should stop any scratches to your rods.

I normally stick to black lug as it works well but give anything a try as there are plenty species about on it’s day.

Paid parking

Free parking is available in the side streets but it can be hard work finding an empty spot in summer.