Ty Croes

Ty Croes is definitely a favourite destination of mine. Great depth of water and can throw up all sorts of species. Its not just a favourite of mine but of many anglers heading to Anglesey.

What makes Ty Croes popular with anglers is that you have access to fairly deep water close in. There are a few rock marks to fish from so it can accommodate more than a few people fishing.

Ty Croes has literally something for everyone, deep water, rocks at your feet and species galore. In summer I have pulled in loads of Mackerel to pass the time whilst fishing for bigger suspects on the bottom.

Fishing on to a sandy bottom when casting out or among the rocks and kelp close in. The only time I lose tackle is if I am too slow with the wrasse, there are some good size fish about. A shock leader is a must as there are some great fish in the area, big Huss, Thornback Rays and Conger.

Its one of the only fishing marks where there are reports of Huss and Rays year round. The marks are all fishing from rocky ledges which can be very slippy when wet so appropriate footwear is needed. Definitely avoid the ones covered in growth.

Ty Croes is relatively safe to fish if you keep your eyes on the conditions, the ground swell here is tremendous at times. This can easily wash you off your fishing mark, always leave a few feet to allow for this or more with an onshore wind. As a rule every 7th wave tends to be bigger moreover around 3 times an hour a significantly larger wave can arrive.

To get to the sea fishing mark Ty Croes simply head to the race track on Anglesey – Track Mon. As you approach the entrance there are a couple of houses on your right, turn right just before them and park on the grassy area. This is known as the fishermans car park and there is a tiny sign pointing to it. Once you have parked up there is a turnstile leading to a path at rear of the houses. At the end of the path go straight forward down the track to a few rock marks, to the right is another area you can fish.

Ty Croes also throws up the odd Lobster or octopus, and at times plenty of spider crabs. There are plenty of Pollock available close in, I use baited feathers or sabakis close in for these and Wrasse.