North West Fishing Marks

North west fishing marks

In this section we will cover North west sea fishing marks from the Llyn Peninsula up to the Fylde coast. This is my local (ish) area as I am from land locked Greater Manchester.

As I venture further afield I will add those sea fishing marks but for now it’s what I know. For that very reason I am comfortable you will get all the information you need to fish the venues I review. It will change and evolve overtime as new information gets added.

Once I am able to master this interweb thingy then we will add google maps.

It is work in progress, if there is anything you want adding or suggestions please let me know at I will not promise but I will try.
Most fish species are fair game along this stretch of our coastline and it can at times fish very well and throw up the odd surprise. I’ve had some very busy fishing and blanked too, it all depends on the time of year/conditions and tides sizes. Winter fishing is OK in this area but I find February, March and April can be very slow.

We will get a good mix of well known sea fishing marks and hopefully a few of the more secretive sea fishing marks around the coast.

Some you will see get regular reports on across the forums and social media and are easier to find, we will try and get as much information on the hard to find spots and more importantly how to get there.

Use the menu above to access info on the various fishing marks across the north west of the UK and wales. I am currently adding google map links that will start up your Sat Nav (on smartphones) and guide you to where you need to be.

If you are a keen sea fisherman and would like to help create content that helps everyone then please get in touch, I would love to see a some guest reviews and knowledge as the site grows. Especially on the hard to find rarely reported on sea fishing marks.

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