Pensarn is a great fishing mark. Fishing at high tide from atop the stone/shingle that separates the sea from the car park.

Parking is free and your car/van is close by and mostly in sight for peace of mind. During the night the car park can be visited by various groups of night owls but I’ve never had any issues. they tend to avoid it during the winter too as its cold when a bit of a breeze is up.

It can also be fished relatively safely at low tide just watch out for any muddy gulleys that may fill in behind you. That said it does appear to be fish mostly at high tide, this is the only times I have fished here day and night.

The area you are able to fish is quite a huge stretch, anglers tend to head further down the beach away from the car park entrance. Especially during summer when there can be quite a few visitors to the general area, its a bit quieter away from the tourists. Another reason its less fished at low tide in Summer is due to beach user so evening tides are best.

Fishing onto a sandy, snag free bottom it is comfortable fishing venue. During the day there are toilets and shops close by including a good tackle shop that sells fresh bait. Pensarn tackle and bait is on the main high street behind and is within walking distance of the beach car park.

At low tide you are able fish the gulleys that can be quite productive at times. The beach itself has a good amount of worm beds and also razer clam, all of which make great baits when fishing Pensarn. Its what the fish are here looking for, bait natural to the area. During summer it’s a great spot to target Bass with the odd crumper showing up. They can be caught relatively close in Behind the breaking waves, flat fish too.

Pensarn is easily found just off the A55, follow the road up past the train station and over the railway bridge. The big car park is immediately right and cant be missed, fish here from the shingle. Following the road road takes you to the caravan park, there are sea defender boulders along this section.

Species Available (not exhaustive)

Whiting, Dab, Bass, Rockling, Codling, Flounder, Dogfish

The closest tackle and bait shop is Pensarn tackle and bait, 40 Marine Rd, Pensarn, Abergele LL22 7PR. Ring ahead on 01745 608115 or 07539218492 for fresh bait, there is also frozen in store.

Tight lines

Check out our online shop at Terminal tackle of all types and sizes, if you can’t see it just ask and we will try and stock it. Check out the the home page on here for any promo codes.

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