The Llanbadrig Fishing mark is a north coast of Anglesey mark, great for avoiding the southerly winds. Llanbadrig is around a 40 minute drive from the Britannia Bridge crossing.  It is fishing into fairly deep waters, similar to Ty Croes. However the rocks are a little steeper when climbing down to the mark.
Park up infront of the church (Llanbadrig Church), there is enough room for around 10 cars, fills up quick with tourists in summer. Follow the church wall on your left towards the sea and pick your spot. It is only a short walk.

To the left when looking out to sea is a small headland, this section is slightly deeper. It is also where a lot fish from as its a little easier to find a safe mark in places.

The Llanbadrig fishing mark is a great all rounder with good sized Pollock, Wrasse, Huss and some decent Conger too.

Llanbadrig also quite close the the main road to easy to get too, just outside of Caemes Bay. It is down single track roads though so pick your times. A lot of people visit the church in summer and there are only a couple of passing spots. Stick to night time and you will avoid this and more than likely catch more, definitely the Conger. There are some cheap mixed rigs available HERE

Definitely a great mark on its day, views alone are worth the visit.

Species: Not exhaustive