Moelfre is a good sea fishing mark, it’s a bit of a walk from local parking but it not too difficult to get to. The walk is down the road, up a little hill then along the coastal path. Easy enough, there is parking closer but its at a premium. It takes around a 25 minute to drive from the Britannia Bridge crossing.

Once past the lifeboat station you are almost on the mark. The fishing mark is pretty much flat, if a bit uneven. There is a bit of a deep ravine to watch out for particularly at night. As the tide recedes and uncovers the lower sections be careful as it is really slippy, almost like ice. 

It can be fished high and low tide, accessing a decent depth of water and it produces a good variety of species. It is not totally uncommon for the odd  lobster and octopus to come out here if you fancy your chances.

Down the side of the the fishing platform / area, you can fish for mini species (use baited Sabaki rigs) and it has plenty of Wrasse in the locale of the side wall too (east side towards the RNLI station). It really is a popular sea fishing mark so space can be at a premium mainly in the summer months. It is known as a feather chucking hotspot with people after bait for winter but it tends to have a lot of holiday makers and day trippers during summer targeting mackerel. It is known as a mackerel hot spot for holiday makers as is Penmon further to the east.

It is slightly rough ground fishing so you may experience the odd bit of tackle loss but its not too bad. If anything this helps draw more fish into the area in their search for food. As with any venue it can produce well on its day plus has the added bonus of being a decent mackerel spot. you can get some for tea / bait. Win win.

Tight lines

Species: Not exhaustive..

Dogfish, Bullhuss, Mackerel, Pollock, Ballan and Corkwing Wrasse,

Octopus sometimes come out here too.

The links below will start up google maps and give you sat nav direction from your phones

Free car parking, 91 Ffordd Lligwy, Moelfre LL72 8LT

Paid parking

Moelfre beach car park pay and display
2 A5108, Moelfre LL72 8HP

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