Gallows Point

Gallows point is a sea fishing mark on the banks of the Menai. It’s situated just before Beaumaris when travelling from the A5/A55, around 15 minutes drive from the Britannia Bridge crossing.

The great thing about Gallows Point is Anglesey Bait Centre is located here too. In terms of bait, tackle, price and advice you can’t go wrong here. Everything you need for a great fishing session right on the doorstep.

There is plenty of free parking next to Anglesey Bait Centre, infront of the petrol station or another car park to the side. There are some cheap mixed rigs available HERE

The fishing is to the rear of the industrial units, it is only a short and easy walk from where you park. There are plenty of spots to choose from, it is basically a shingle beach all the way around. Its does get muddy as the tide recedes if you follow it down. Its safe enough to fish at all states of the tide and kid friendly too. Best fished a few hours either side of high / low tide as the pull will have your leads sailing off in no time.

A good 50/60 yard cast should put you into the channel which is obviously deeper, putting you among the fish. It can be a bit of a sheltered spot so quite comfortable if looking for fishing out of the wind. There are also some big mussel beds to fish over, great targeting Cod.

Species: Not exhaustive

Dogfish, Bass, Whiting, Codling, Flounder, Bullhuss, Dab, Mullet

Dropped pin
Near Beaumaris

Tight lines

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