Connah’s Quay

Connah’s Quay is a sea fishing mark on the Dee estuary. Possibly one of the most easily accessible fish from the car venues, on a par with Colwyn bay in that respect. Literally park up on Dock road and setup your gear.

As it’s the river Dee tidal zone you are fishing the species available from the mark are a little limited. I wouldn’t fish the bigger tides here as the pull can be immense at times. Best fishing is a little before high and low tide to avoid your leads sailing up and down the Dee. That said I wouldn’t bother with any grippers under 5 ounce here. Don’t let all that put you off though as there is some good fishing to be had here. Bass will and do make there way this far up the Dee.

Fish wise it can provide plentiful bounties of flatfish, flounders and Dabs seem to be the most common caught species. Pin whiting tend to make a show here too in the winter months.

Best fished within an hour or two of either side of high/low tide, longer is possible on smaller tides. How long really depends on the size of the tide, you can better judge it on arrival. A Simple 2 or 3 hook flapper will work well here moreover you cant go wrong with lugworm, fresh or frozen here.

Species: not exhaustive

Flounder, Dab, Plaice, Whiting, Eel

Connah’s Quay
Connah’s Quay, Deeside CH5 4DS

Tight lines.

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