Mariners Wharf

Almost a fish out the car venue, it’s recently been changed to Pay and display 😕. But don’t let that put you off as it’s comfortable fishing and well lit too. The mark is almost in the city centre so it’s easy enough to get too.

It is a high water venue only as the water recedes away from the wall and closer to the channel at low. With this in mind, there is a gentle slope on the prom heading east from the parking / fishing. At low tide you can see the remains of an old jetty, people tend to avoid this part as it is very snaggy if you catch it on the retrieve. There are some cheap mixed rigs available here

The fishing itself tends to be hit and miss but this is the same anywhere. If other marks on the Mersey are fishing well, chances are Mariners Wharf will be too. It is the furthest up river I am aware of Thornback Rays being caught in summer, there have been regular reports of catches for the last few years and as such it is busy in favourable conditions.

A few times I have arrived and there have been no spots left on the bullnose as it is a popular fishing mark. You can walk down the slope (avoid the sunken jetty) and there is plenty more room. At night I tend to fish the other side, crossing the Loch bridge and fishing where the benches are (next to the railings of the industrial units) I have done very well on this section in the Winter.

Parking is on the Bullnose at the end of the wharf next to the Loch Gate. It is now pay and display.

Mariners Wharf

L3 4DG