Mackerel Rock, Llyn

On the south facing shore of the Llyn Peninsula, just east of Aberdaron is Mackerel Rock (Porth Cadlan). Not to be confused with the same named sea fishing mark on Anglesey. (Info on the Anglesey section of the menu)

This is definitely not a sea fishing mark for the less able. It involves a walk across cow infested fields, a trek through wild pony territory. Finally a very steep decent that should not be attempted when it is wet, able bodied or not. Avoid the mark if there is are strong on shore winds or swells.

Access is via a single lane road/track down to a farm house, there is enough room a for a couple of cars only. The parking area is a very uneven grassy area and a small deppresion turns into a small pond after heavy rain. There is an honesty box on the gate, think it was £2 last time I went.

The steep grassy slope turns into grippy rocky ledges, there is enough room for a few anglers around the rocks. Fishing to the right towards the bay is a lot shallower onto a sandy bottom, straight out or to the left puts you into deeper water. Rocks and kelp closer in, I once caught a good size Red Gurnard on a crab line no more than 8ft out.

Most people tend as its name sake suggests, fish for Mackerel with feathers at this mark. The mark also provides excellent bottom fishing but travel as light as possible, given the steep hill.

The below shows you where to park and fish when travelling to the mackerel rock Llyn Peninsula fishing mark.

Species: not exhaustive

Mackerel, Dogfish, Gurnard, Mini species, Dab

Clicking the link below will open up google maps on your phone, sat nav directions straight to the parking area