Vale Park

A Mersey sea fishing venue with great potential. It can be fished at high or low tide, that in mind it has a big gulley that will fill in behind you.

A bit of safety advice. It’s doesn’t gain depth quite as quickly as the town hall steps stretch, so it is a tad shallower at high tide but not by much at all. The channel fills in at the same rate as THS beach, it is quite quick too. Make sure, especially at night when visibility can be poor you are off before it fills in behind you. I have fished this beach at low tide when rolling fog came in, its quite unnerving.

The vale park section is similar to most Marks on this stretch of the river Mersey. It can fish well through out summer at high tide with the usual species available.

Low tide gives access to the deeper Mersey channel and throws up good sport, Thornback rays, smoothhounds and a few doggies.

Winter gives you access to the usual whiting, dabs and sometimes decent size codling. Never had a Rockling here yet though.

You can park for free adjacent to the Ferry pub and walk to the mark, I have not parked on the prom at night in this section. I do park on the prom at night when fishing the Town Hall Steps mark, can’t see why there should be any issues on this section. The Town hall steps section does appear o be the more popular size with regular club matches.

Species Available (not exhaustive)

Whiting, Cod, Dab, Flounder, Smoothounds, Thornback Rays, Dogfish, Rockling. Heard of Bass but never seen them here myself.

Park in front of the pub, post code CH44 8DF