Colwyn Bay

One of if not the easiest venue to fish in North Wales – Colwyn Bay. Park up and you are on the fishing mark. Perfect for less able anglers, well pretty much everyone. Tripod or rest rods on the rails it’s your call.

This is a high and low water venue, mostly it gets fished at high tide and weather permitting it gets very busy with Anglers. The last two weeks of August and first week of september we are joined by every man and his dog as the mackerel shoals move in to shallow waters, they can be caught in great numbers here. Prime spot for beach casting is said to be just by the arches, it’s not bad fishing though many think it has declined slightly in more recent years. This could be down to the new beach a little further up towards Rhos on Sea, this covering the old worm beds. Though during winter this doesn’t seem to bother the hordes of whiting who descend upon the areas coastlines.

At low tide worm can be pumped in decent numbers for fresh bait or there is a tackle shop close by in Rhos on Sea.

There are toilets a little further down the coast but these are not in walking distance…neither are the icecreams in summer. In the second picture you can see how busy it get when the Mackerel are in, everyone waiting on the tide!

Species: not exhaustive

Whiting, Dogfish, Mackerel, Dab

Anywhere along this section

Promenade, Colwyn Bay