Pistyll Dock

Pistyll Dock is a half decent fishing mark but a bit of a logistical nightmare. Steep tracks down from the farmland above or long walks to the mark across Nefyn Beach are the only access routes.

Pistyll Dock produces decent catches at times however I have done well off Nefyn Beach which I fish a few hundred metres to the left if looking out go sea. I have been a few times and pulled in plenty of dogfish, Rays, Spider crabs but little else, I keep going back for more though as once you are there it is quite a comfortable fishing venue. Its safe enough to fish day and night on the base of the old dock. It seems to be fished regular in summer during the night, I often see headlamps etc when camping above.

There are some decent size spider crabs visible below the dock when the clarity is good, caught a few too. I tend to camp at Penisarlon farm camping if fishing Pistyll Dock which overlooks Pistyll beach. Great views from above and a bit of a trek to get down but there is a path of sorts. It can get a little overgrown in summer, nettles, brambles and fern making it difficult.

To the dock there is a path from the bottom camping field, head up and across the top of the next field (There is a small fence the scramble over) Follow the edge of the field, once above Pistyll dock head down the cliff. Zigzag down and you will be fine, the last section is very steep onto the dock itself. You can walk at low tide from Nefyn beach with a bit of a climb onto the dock but it’s not too bad if you are able bodied, this is most definitely the easiest route to take.

The dock it’s self is walled all around the edge and is a stable fishing platform, it drops down in the middle and has sandy floor (shame about rubbish left by previous occupants each time I go) I often see people fishing at night when camping above but haven’t tried it myself as littlun always wants to join me. We have tried down the side a few times for mini species with no joy but water clarity was poor. Low tide can leave the base of the dock with little water, it can be fished at low if the tide is not too big. To your right can see the rocky / kelp section stretching out to the right, fishing straight out in front is on to a soft sandy section.

Mackerel can also be caught from here in summer during high tide, you can tell when they are in by watching the birds diving for them.

I have seen a few pics of decent size bass from a local lad who lure fishes over the rocks, you can reach these from the dock itself. A man made fish trap is visible on lower tides on Pistyll beach which I have been meaning go check out. I say beach, it is mainly shingle. The cliffs / land behind the beach are traversable but it suffers very visibly from erosion so be careful if heading down, the beach is also fully covered at high tide. It’s doable if able bodied but it’s something to be aware of as its not easy and potentially dangerous.

Species: not exhaustive

Dogsfish, Corkwing Wrasse, Thornback Ray, Bass, Whiting, Smoothhound, Tope pups, Mackerel

Camping just aboveĀ  at Penisarlon makes it that touch bit easier, the place and owners are decent too. Reviewed it HERE

You can fish the bottom, down the sides for minis or try the LRF equipment out over the top of the kelp for bass. Mackerel are also available during summer high tides.

near B4417, Pwllheli LL53 6LW


Pistyll Dock

Dropped pin
near Pistyll, Pwllheli


Definitely worth a visit, try Nefyn beach just to the west if unable to make the walk/climb

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