Trearddur Bay

There are couple of spots around Trearddur bay where you can get your fishing fix. You can fish the bottom or chase the mini’s, moreover there is a tackle shop close by. Its takes around 25 minutes by car from the Britannia Bridge.

The main spot is known as the flag pole, incidentally you are fishing right under the flag pole in the pic above. It is on the left hand side of the beach when looking out to sea. Fishing out is onto a sandy bottom with the usual species available in the area. One thing I have noticed in sea fishing reports for Trearddur, Coalfish seem to be around the mark in winter so one for the species hunt.

Path to flag pole

Fishing for minis among the rocks by your feet is also great fun. Wrasse are around in numbers during summer, these can give good sport on lighter tackle. Baited Sabaki rigs are great for catching mini species. Moreover, then can help breakup a slow fishing session, god forbid…

Across the other side of the bay are sections of rocks uncovered during low tide. There are loads of minis and Wrasse to be found around here down the edge of the rocks. Just bear in mind it will be covered again as the tide comes back in. There are some cheap mixed rigs available HERE

Species: Not exhaustive

Coalfish, Pollock, Dogfish, Bass, Mini species, Bullhuss, Wrasse

Tight Lines, live tide times below.

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