Rhosneigr Beach

A classic storm beach, bordering the dunes protecting RAF valley to the north. The on road parking for Rhosneigr  is around a 25/30 minute drive from the Britannia Bridge crossing.

Now Rhosneigr is not just a fishing venue for me, it is a weekend pilgrimage for my family during the summer time. Me and everyone else it seems, it is a very busy beach with all sorts of water sports taking place. That said you have to fish it out of the holiday season or at night to avoid the holiday makers. I tend to pitch a tent up on Shoreside camping and caravan park and walk down the river to fish at night.

Where the mouth of the river runs into the sea is a prime spot, fish are waiting for the food to wash into the sea. Flatties and bass are there year round, also Rays are present later in the year. Small eyed rays tend to make a appearance at the end of September and October. I often walk down the river at night and have seen some decent size silver fish and the odd Eel swimming around.

Best to fish with a bit of a south westerly to get a bit of chop on the water if you are targeting the bass. There are some cheap mixed rigs available here

In the distance you will see a rocky outcrop down Cymyran beach, I have snorkeled around here a few times in summer and have come across a lot of bass and caught plenty too.

Take a look at low water if you get chance to scope out the features and the location of the small rocky bits across the beach, there are only a few but fishing close can put you onto the bass if your not fishing the surf.

Species: Not exhaustive

Bass, Thornback Rays, Flatties including Turbot, Dogfish


Worm baits for general fishing, Sand Eel/squid for the rays

Tight Lines,

Live tide times below. (few mins difference only)

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