Prestatyn Beach

Prestatyn is another easy accessible fishing venue on the north Wales coast. There is plenty of parking available directly in front of the fishing mark, you can see your car at night which is always a plus, toilets too but not always open. The car park is pay and display but after 5pm the parking is free. This incidentally is roughly about the same time the holiday makers start to vacate the beach during the warmer months. It is a safe beach with a lack of gullies but as sand is always shifting it’s best to be safe.

There are some cheap mixed fishing rigs available here

Fishing along the entire stretch is possible with Prestayn being made up of 3 beaches. Stick your car on the car park next to Prestatyn boating club and fish the beach directly in front of the Beaches hotel. It fishes similar to the area east and west of the mark ie Smoothhounds at low tide in warmer months and your usual summer species, with cod and whiting in winter. Not the most popular venue or if it is it’s little reported on. It is practically fishing out of the car at high tide and a little walk across firm sand at low.

Comfortable fishing once the tourists have gone in summer. Similar fishing to the beaches to the east and West, an under fishing venue in my opinion.

Species: not exhaustive

Dab, Plaice, Bass, Smoothhound, Dogfish, Whiting