Very comfortable venue with short walks from the various free car parks in the area. Mind you there are a lot of other users of this mark with cyclists and dog walkers making up the bulk. Dogs seem to like a good sniff through your tackle and have been known to take a pee on it!

It is a very popular venue for fishing matches, I’ve arrived a few times to find all the spots taken.

It’s quite a way down from the mouth of the Mersey estuary and I have not heard of Thornback rays making it this far down, plenty other species pay a visit. Further up around Mariners / Jag house Rays do still come out though on a regular basis. Fish species are little more limited down this stretch of the Mersey, during winter it is mainly Whiting, Codling, Dabs and Rockling.

Summer is pretty much the same in my experience with the absence of Cod and usually better weather! There are some cheap mixed rigs available here

A favoured spot amongst anglers is the section of the promenade in front of the pumping station, this is further up the prom towards the mouth of the mersey before you reach the pub.

After checking Navionics it is clear that the water in this section is a bit deeper closer in so could provide better fishing or bigger specimen fish. There are usually reports of larger cod coming out along this stretch and its where match men head first as the favored spot. I have done well along the stretch and fish just to the left of the bouy at the bottom of Jericho lane.

I don’t fish it very often anymore as I prefer the more varied fishing towards the mouth of the Mersey and tend to favor the Wirral side marks. Rays and smoothhounds make great summer fishing in this area. Don’t let that put you off, it can be like any other sea fishing Mark on it’s day and produce well. I tend to fish it during the night now, never had any problems though but some older posts on forums mention vandalised cars, the odd fox shows up and the promenade is well lit with the odd bench too, comfortable fishing.

Click on the link below, your google maps will start up an take you straight to the car park at the bottom of Jericho lane. Fish any part of the stretch here, the pumping station is further to the left (directly under where it says festival gardens)