I am a little biased towards Anglesey as it is somewhere I visit a lot, I love the place.

The Anglesey coastal path is 124 miles in length, this gives you an idea of the angling opportunities on the island, it’s actually two islands separated by the inland sea.

After high winds or a storm the waters can be a little cloudy, this normally clears after a few days. During periods of fair weather the waters are pristine, in certain areas you can see down to a considerable depth. Check out my under water action cam footage HERE. It shows just how good the water clarity can be, at times the species in just the rockpools is amazing.

There are opportunities everywhere, from well known and visited fishing marks such as Ty Croes and Mackerel Rock to the more secretive spots! Dependent on where you are fishing there are all types of terrain to fish. Pristine silky sand, rocks and kelp etc. Flat sandy beaches to deep water rock marks Anglesey has something for all sea anglers.

There are campsites and B&B’s all over the island if you want to stay over. I usually make it a day trip or a one night stay over, in a tent as its cheaper…. There are plenty of places to visit or discover on the Island, I’m always finding new areas by getting out and exploring.

All UK shore fish species are available at the right time of year, Tope come into some of the deep water areas too. There are also plenty of catches of crabs, lobster and octopus in the right places! Not everyones cup of tea but still adds to the fun. Though some see them as pests, especially the crab but I think it all part of the experience and learning, apart from when they snip off your hooks….

There are hundreds of marks around the island if you get out an find them, away from the hustle and bustle even in summer.

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