Wallasey Tunnel vents

The Wallasey tunnel vents sea fishing mark is another easy accessible mark on the Wirral side of the Mersey. There is parking close by next the the ferry terminal and it is less than a 2 minute walk the fishing area. The section is literally just further up the estuary than the Town Hall Steps mark. You are fishing the same section of the promenade but the other side. Please see HERE for more relevant info on the Town Hall Steps fishing mark.

The are only really two differences between the marks, one is the parking and the biggest one is that the vents section is a lot snaggier. You can actually park at the THS section as its only a short walk.

It has a slightly rocky bottom and without the protection of the groyne, the tidal pull feels stronger. Heavier leads and pulley rigs should be used, lighter grippers get pulled into the snags leading to tackle loses. If you dont have heavier leads make sure you use rotten bottoms. I recommend a 5 ounce gripper lead as the minimum even on smaller tides. It also has the odd shopping trolley etc.

Head a little further up towards the town hall steps for snag free fishing at high tide. That said I have had larger cod from this area but that could be luck more than anything. It is better ground for the Cod to hunt on though.

Seacombe Ferry Hotel
Victoria Pl, Wallasey CH44 6NR

Click the link below for sat nav direction to Local free parking.


A great fishing tackle and bait shop is Bonners which can be found at 114 Victoria Rd, New Brighton, Wallasey, CH45 2JF. Phone ahead for fresh bait as it goes out as quick as it comes in on 0151-638-0883. There is also a good selection of frozen baits in store. Plus anything else you need for fishing in the area.

Tight lines

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