Aberdaron Beach

Aberdaron beach as a place is fantastic, as a fishing venue it can also have it’s day. Flatties and bass are the species most often caught from the beach. I personally have not found it the most productive beach, with an oncoming wind it can fish well for bass. Comfortable fishing with local amenities almost on the beach itself.

The beach itself is a tourist hotspot, it’s best fished in the evening / night or out of the holiday season. You can fish during the holidays down the eastern end of the beach in the area below the campsite as it’s generally much quieter. The western side of the beach can also be a little quieter, justevaluate on the day if you can. During late evening when the sun dips down the beach is usually empty so you can pick your spot.

The area where the river runs on to the beach is a little stony as you can see from the pictures below, fish to the right of this area (if looking out to sea) and you are onto a sandy bottom. Further to the right is fine as long as your not too close to the cliff as it is quite rocky with plenty of seaweed too.

If you need fresh baits there are Blow Lug beds to the eastern end of the beach as seen below. A small trowel in summer is all you need, saves carrying the bait pump. They are only a few inch deep and quite close together.

2 hook flappers work fine here, as will standard grip leads starting at 3 ounce dependent on how you are fishing. The beach is fully covered at high tide, in my opinion this is mainly a high tide venue. On smaller tides it can be fished at high too, it just takes a bit more planning.

Parking – there is a national trust car park to the rear of the beach, it’s not manned from 6pm so essentially free. There are ticket machines so it’s your call, there is space for a couple of cars on the road above overlooking the beach. The road on the way into Aberdaron can be parked on for free but its a long walk up or down a big hill from here.

If you walk from the car park via the road and look into the river you can see fish swimming around (opposite the chippy). This will put you on the left side of the estuary when entering the beach, there is another path from the back of the car park which puts you on the right hand side of the estuary. To be fair it’s not very deep (few inch) unless there has been a lot of rain. There are plenty of little fatties in the river between the car park and beach toilets, too smal to bother targeting though.

Species: Not exhaustive

Dogfish, Bass, Dab, Plaice


Most will work well, there are Lug beds on the beach which is a natural food source in the area. Its works very well as bait as it is what the fish are coming into to hopefully feed on.

National Trust Car Park, Aberdaron, Pwllheli LL53 8BE


There is a rock mark further to the east known as mackerel rock, it is a fair old walk and a very steep, quite dangerous path down at the end. To be avoided when wet, minimal tackle is a must. The mark is into fairly deep water close in, I’ve had plenty mackerel here and a random Gurnard on a hooked crab line not more than 8 foot out. It is just over a mile or so from Aberdaron beach and is known a Mackerel Rock. You can see the mark on the map above, its the little part that sticks out on the far right besides the main headland.

Tight Lines, live tide times below.

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