Silloth is a fishing venue on the cumbrian coast, west of Carlise. Its basically a Victorian seaside village complete with a port which is still in use.

When is comes to sea fishing, Silloth is a venue renowned for Thornback Rays. Anglers come from all over the north of the UK to target them. It also fishes very well for Flounder due to it being an estuary.

There are plenty of spots to fish from along the promenade which can be fished at high or low water. Alot of anglers tend to head for one area in particular, the marks facing the RNLI station. There is plenty of room for Anglers all the way around to the port entrance. It is a noted hotspot for targeting the Rays.

The Solway is very tidal and the Silloth section is no exception. Heavy gripper leads should be used to hold your baits in position. Most baits will catch Thornback Rays but fish and Squid baits work well. Standard worm baits will pick up the Flounder.

If you are in a pinch and need bait you can buy it local. The store on the main road sells alsorts of general goods and has Lug worm and Mackerel in the back. However the Lug was expensive, small and poor quality. I have however only bought it here the once so it’s possible I got a poor batch.

Parking is free for 2 hours and is next to the RNLI station at CA7 4AW. There are more parking areas along the promenade.

Species Available (Not exhaustive)

Flounder, Dab, Plaice, Thornback Ray, Bass, Whiting, Dogfish

Tight Lines, live tide times below.

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