Penmon Point

Penmom point on the east coast of Anglesey facing Puffin Island, the Great Orme can be seen in the distance. Rocky sections with fairly deep water to the west, pebble beach to the front and access to the start of the Menai to the right hand side.

Bait and other tackle can be bought close by in Gallows point (local hanging spot in years gone by).

The road up to the lighthouse is via toll road, the land owner charges £3 a vehicle. People do overnight in motorhomes even though it says you can’t, he just charges you another £3 on the way out.

Too the left (west) there are also some rock marks to fish, it’s easier to take the small left turn on the road down to the light house and park up closer as it’s a fair old walk otherwise.

Penmon point is a well known mackerel sea fishing Mark, on bigger tides you can get down on to a ledge to the left of the lighthouse at low tide and it produces well. Best times are late July, August and a week or two into September weather dependant. On lesser tides bear in mind the ledge when fishing above it.

Out to the right of the lighthouse can produce all bottom species including Huss and bass but it is a bit of a tackle hungry area so a quick retrieve is needed. The shingle beach also provides good fishing at times and is far less tackle hungry, I find it more miss than hit though when fishing.

If your into your wildlife then there are also regular visits by dolphins and seals to the area. It is also a good place at night to see plankton bio luminescence during the summer months, it really is amazing.

Clicking the below link will open up google maps and give you sat nav directions straight to the place.

Penmon, Beaumaris LL58 8RP

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