Cemlyn Bay

Cemlyn Bay is a vast shingle cove, this eventually leads down onto a sandy bottom. The steep shingle bank gives access to a decent depth of water at high tide. To the right hand side of the beach when looking out to sea there are also some rocks to fish from. These are usually quite productive, Wrasse can be caught here as well as Mackerel at times on lighter gear.

The drive down is via a single track which can be a pain in summer. Once at the mark there is usually plenty of parking (free). Signs says no overnight parking but it’s remote so no one will check. The fishing is right next to the car park, you can walk further around the bay but there is really no need.

The Bay has a bit of a mixed reputation among sea anglers, a bit of love and hate really. It is best fished during a northerly wind which it not all that common, the majority being westerlies in this area. Cemlyn Bay is best fished at night a few hours either side of the high tide.

Species: not exhaustive

Dogfish, Whiting, Dab, Flounder, Bass, coalfish, Bullhuss, Pouting, strap Congor, Plaice, Codling, Ballan and Corkwing Wrasse.

Cemlyn Bay Carpark
Cemaes, Cemaes Bay LL67 0DU

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