Llandudno North Shore

Llandudno north shore is an easy fishing venue with free parking only 50 metres away, across the stone / shingle beach. I like free parking…Just leave it on the promenade, don’t forget it’s a very busy place in summer and parking can be a pain. Early on or heading into evening time is easiest time to grab a spot.

North Shore is down the bottom end near the Little Orme. The fishing here is onto a sandy bottom once you clear the steep shingle. However the closer you get to the orme the rockier it gets and it becomes a tackle graveyard. If to your rear is the road you are generally ok, if the houses are behind you are into the rocky section which start just before they are behind you. Closer to the Orme you get the worse it becomes. Maybe good for bass on the light gear, can’t see why not as I see plenty fishing the other side of the Orme at Pethryn bay with LRF gear.

One conclusion myself and many others have come to is that this place fishes far better at night. Tried and tested many times. Blanks happen everywhere but during the day it they happen a little too often here. At the end of August mackerel can be taken to feathers here but from experience these are usually joeys (small) in size.

I was passing once on a spring tide so got out to have a nosey around, I didn’t have to buy any fishing weights for a long time, they were everywhere. 21 weights of various sizes (mostly grippers) and golf balls wedged in crevices all over?! Bagged up the lost line and rigs and binned them.

There are toilets up at the boating pool and a little cafe, 5-10 walk away which is handy if there is someone to watch your fishing tackle.

As always take your rubbish home, sometimes it cant be helped if you pull for a break. The fella bellow had a hook firmly wedged in the side of its beak. I took it of a lady who was twirling the hook round in its mouth! probably not realising there is a barb. Soon had it out and on its way.

If like me you take the kids along and want to make a day of it, the back of the field behind you there is Bodafon farm. It’s free entry, has a kids play area which is decent and access to view the various animals. There is also an owl rescue place on site with various birds of prey to look at. Summer there are tractor and donkey rides too, if you fancy something to eat they serve fresh local produce.

Species: not exhaustive

Whiting, Codling, Dogfish, Mackerel, Bass, Thornback Ray, Rockling

Llandudno LL30 3AA


In short its not always the most productive of fishing and is best fished at night. All baits work fine but stick with worm baits for best results.

Tight lines, live tide times below.

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