Porth Ysgo

Don’t ask me how to pronounce as it sounds nothing like it looks….

Porth Isgo as a fishing venue that is pretty remote, Porth Isgo is safe enough if you are on your own though if fishing the beach. However it is off the beaten track and I couldn’t get a signal with o2 within a mile or more. The steep cliff behind you keep the signal blocked, that said back on the main road is where it disappeared. There is very limited parking at the end of a single track lane, 4/5 cars max tucked in under the trees or park near the farm.

The walk down through the ravine is not too bad as the gradient is generally ok, however it is not a flat surface mind. Keep an eye out for the old mine entrances to the sides of the path, dotted about here and there with unbarred entrances. It gives you a good idea of the history of the area as there are a few old bits of machinery next to the cliffs. I suppose these serve as reminders of the area industrial past.

That said this is a mark for the more able anglers, as you get the the end of the ravine there are a lot of steep steps. These meander down the cliff to the beach below, at the bottom there is a picturesque waterfall to the rear. It is quite a walk especially when carrying all your tackle. Heading down is the easy part, the walk back up the stairs and then the ravine is a bit of a killer.

Keep an eye out to for Lizards, we have seen loads darting about. Not fishing related but always nice to see something a bit rare and unusual. The venue itself is absolutely stunning, it does get tourists during the day but is still fishable. Its remote location the fact it is not well known help keep the numbers down.

The upper section of the beach is pebble, this opens up onto a gently slopped sandy beach. To the left and right of the beach, under cliffs there are rocky outcrops on both sides. I have seen people in chest waders chucking lures about in these side sections. The guys knew where they were going, they definitely wouldn’t come if the mark didn’t produce the goods. Bass are their main quarry, these also pass across the beach where hopefully they will come across our baited offerings. Porth Ysgo has quite and old reputation as a Bass beach as do most of the south facing Llyn beaches.

On the outcrop to the right you can fish from the rocks gaining access to slightly deeper water, low tide only as they get completely covered at high. Far from easy access and good footwear is a must if fishing from here. Just bear in mind that the beach is on a gentle incline, the tide will literally chase you back up the beach as I found in total darkness after fog rolled in.

To the east you can see a large headland, this area has a few nice areas to setup. These allow fishing into deeper water close in and are fished often by locals for mackerel. This area does involve quite a trek, ask the farmer if you can leave your car in the yard. Offer of a few mackerel or pounds should do the trick.

Species: not exhaustive

Bass, Dogfish, Dab. Plaice

The closest post code to Porth Ysgo is LL53 8AN, just use the map and you will be fine.

Tight Lines, live tide times below.

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