Newborough Beach

Newborough Beach fishing mark is on the south coast of Anglesey, set in absolutely stunning scenery. The car park for Llanddwyn is around a 30 minute drive from the Britannia Bridge crossing.

It is a busy beach with tourists during the summer with the southerly winds being used for Kite Surfing etc. Fishing from low up to high tide in the evening or night will avoid the tourists and increase chance of catching. If you must fish during the day if you head east, there are generally less people about in that section.

East of the car park, receding tide

It is a long and quite shallow beach which can fish well at times, With a bit of an onshore breeze creating a few breakers, its perfect for bass fishing. Sandy bottom close in and far out mean there will be no tackle losses. There is also a small chance of smooth hounds and rays on calmer days. Failing catching Bass, there are usually a few flatties knocking around. There are some cheap mixed fishing rigs available here

West of the car park high tide

If you fish just before the island during a south westerly it can produce well however it is a bit of a trek. Particularly if you are not travelling light.

looking east from the beginning of Llandwyn Island

There is a £5 parking charge if you arrive after 8am or before 4:40pm. The barriers are left up for people to come and go outside of these times.

There have not been many fishing reports over the last few years on forums or social media regarding fishing Newborough Beach. But its definitely worth checking out if fishing close to the car park, its only a short walk with a great chance of Bass.

Species: Not exhaustive

Bass, Dab, Flunder, Plaice, Dogfish,


Razor, worm baits

Tight lines, live tide times below.

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