Llandudno Pier

One of only a few places on the North Wales coast you are able to access deep water without a boat (Not including Anglesey and the Llyn Peninsula)

There are now restricted fishing times and a £6 charge to fish the pier. Still it can produce very well at times bottom fishing with smoothhounds in summer and cod in winter coming from the deeper water.

The fishing itself is onto a sandy bottom with all your usual species available, the favoured spot is out to the left off the end and I have never snagged there. I think this is also down to the tidal pull having less effect on your end tackle so it’s easier fishing. In general it’s not snaggy.

The good thing here is the availability of other species that can be caught on feathers or Sabaki rigs, I tend to bait mine with a small bit of lug, rag or mackerel depending on what you are after. There are wrasse and Pollock to be caught, there really is no need to cast. Simply drop down the side if the tide isn’t going to pill you into the pier structure. There are a few other minis down the side such as sea scorpions, casting out during summer with feathers can get you mackerel and Pollock too.

Pay at the kiosk.

It’s pretty comfortable fishing with toilets, food and drinks at the top of the walkway. The jetty end is restricted to anglers only, it can get busy at times.

Species: not exhaustive

Dogfish, Pollock, Wrasse, Smoothhound, Mackerel,

End of Llandudno Pier