Mackerel Rock, Anglesey

Mackerel Rock, Anglesey is a well known fishing mark just up the road from Treadurr bay and Porth Defarch. It takes around 35 minutes to drive from the Britannia Bridge crossing.

There is small rough car park that is not too far from Mackerel Rock for the able bodied, it is a bit of a trek if you are not so mobile. The parking area comfortably holds 8 cars, 10 if they are parked well.The end point does involve a bit of a scramble down, both hands and feet in places so travelling light is a must.

From the carpark head straight on until you come across a gate on your left. Follow the path down to the rocks, cliff sides and make your way down to the mark.

Small or telescopic rods are easier and tend to be lighter to handle when scrambling, occasionally people with beach casters fish from the mark. This seems a bit too much like hard work for me, it is a good depth of water but there is easier and more productive fishing close by. Pollack and Wrasse are in the area and are great sport. There are some cheap Mackerel feathers available here

It is fish-able at low and high tide, just watch out for swells. There are a couple of rocks that do get covered so make sure you get back to the main ledge before the tide is too high. You will be fishing into a decent depth of water, this is the main reason people head to the mark to try and get in among the Mackerel shoals as they pass. You can also fish close in to the rocks with lures or baited hooks for the Wrasse and Pollock. At low tide you will need to watch out for snagging on the bottom.

Using basic silver feathers with a 2/3 ounce lead will get you far enough out into the shoals. That said if the fish are not there you wont catch, 2018 didn’t seem to produce as well as previous years from Mackerel Rock belying its name sake.

One thing to watch out for is people! Lots of people flock to this venue in fair weather, it can be very busy at times and cannot support many anglers. The mark can be left strewn with rubbish from some of these occasional anglers. I just wish people wouldn’t leave so much rubbish, empty feather packets make up the bulk of items left behind.

There are a few local camping/caravan sites in the area, a lot of holiday makers come to mackerel rock, Anglesey to fish. You can walk to the mark from some of these. A free tea of fresh fish I suppose is always nice.

Just be careful on the rocks, there was a nasty accident in 2018. An angler fell on the rocks and had to be rescued by the RNLI. It looked like a blood bath, fortunately for him he was OK but it could have turned out very differently.

Stay safe and tight lines.

Species: Not exhaustive

Mackerel, Ballan and Corkwing Wrasse, Dogfish, Bullhuss, Pollock, Coalfish

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