North West

Long stretches of sandy beach cover this coast line and almost anything can be had at the right time. There are a few well known spots such as the Gynn wall, 5 bar gate etc and everything inbetween. Further down we have the River Mersey venues, there are plenty of them too.

The main thing to be aware of when fishing along this stretch is that it is very tidal, the sea can in places up towards fleetwood all but disappear at low tide. This can give better access to the Thornback Rays and smoothhounds. However it does present you with some very dangerous situations. The tide can come in quickly, it’s not ok thinking you can pack up and walk away. The clear and present danger is always the gullies filling in behind you, there are also areas of very soft mud like sand that it is easy to sink into. If you do go fishing at low tide take precautions, make sure people know where you are and when you are due back. If possible go with someone who is experienced with fishing the area. High tide is a different story altogether, fishing from the coastal defence wall or down on the shingle / pebble / sand below it.
The Mersey section is very different and most venues can be safely fished from the Promenades at high tide. The sections are fenced (free rod rest) so its safe with the kids too, low tide can still be fished at low tides from the beaches, particularly on the Wirral side.

Like any other coastline it certainly can fish well at times…very cold in winter with an offshore wind but that’s true anywhere.

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