Town Hall Steps

A nice easy venue with parking at both ends and in the middle via the Guinea Gap, paid parking only down by the tunnel vents. It’s a nice comfortable venue, I like that I can leave my tripod behind, don’t get me wrong its a short walk from wherever you park but its saves carrying to the mark, getting out of the shed, putting in / taking out the car…yeah I know its sounds lazy but its good information for the less mobile. Talking of less mobile Anglers.

I wont and don’t accept any responsibility for what I am about to say?! I have parked on the prom at night with no problems, car tight to the wall.

The police patrol the prom it would seem on a quite regular basis, several times they have been down whilst I have been fishing and they have not batted an eye lid. Keep your car close the wall, don’t be driving silly and you should be fine, maybe. I have done it at night and will continue until I am told differently. I have not heard of anyone else having issues including during high attendance club matches. Daytime its maybe a little more risky as there are plenty of people around.

Species wise it is pretty much the same as a little further up towards the mouth of the Mersey at Perch Rock, all the same species are available.

The main difference is you can fish it at both high and low water, Perch Rock being a low water mark only. It makes for quite comfortable fishing, at high water it is pretty much snag free. At low tide just be mindful of the tide coming in behind you, especially near the Ferry pub section. A good cast at low can put you into deep water and lets you fish on top of mussel beds. A prime location that will attract feeding fish. It can be a bit muddy in sections so decent footwear is needed.

The closer towards the vents you go however it does get snaggier, is that even a word? Low water fishing can often find snags but nothing to worry about. 80lb braid may get you a few free weights too.

I normally find plenty of flatties and whiting whilst fishing high water here and have had a few decent cod in winter all to black lug, bigger baits can tempt some decent fish (squid, mackerel, peeler crab). Low water during spring and summer ads Smooth Hounds and Thornback Rays to the mix.

As I said nice easy venue to fish, no toilets close by apart from in the Ferry Pub unless anyone knows any different. You can park in front of the pub for free (directions below) Toilets for customers only.

The Mersey is very cold in winter too so wrap up warm, it is often accompanied by a bit of a Breeze. That’s if it not blowing a gale and hammering down.

Some decent views of the Liverpool skyline at night, with quite a busy shipping lane which can be nice to watch at times. The reason I put THS in the title is simple…I didn’t have a clue at first when looking for venues ie what or where it referred too, its second nature these days though.

The below links will start up your phones SatNav and take you straight there.

Parking on the road above, walk down Guinea Gap (free)

Riverview Rd, Wallasey

Parking above the groyne, across from the “The Ferry” pub (free)

Wallasey CH44 8DF

A great fishing tackle and bait shop is Bonners which can be found at 114 Victoria Rd, New Brighton, Wallasey, CH45 2JF. Phone ahead for fresh bait as it goes out as quick as it comes in on 0151-638-0883. There is also a good selection of frozen baits in store. Plus anything else you need for fishing in the area.

Tight lines, Liverpool tide times below

Check out our online shop at Terminal tackle of all types and sizes, if you can’t see it just ask and we will try and stock it. Check out the the home page on here for any promo codes.

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