Hafan Y Mor

Hafan Y Mor is a fishing venue on the South of the Llyn Peninsula that is close to Pwllheli.

Access to the area is via the Llyn Coastal paths or through the popular holiday park. I wasn’t going to include this fishing mark but if you are staying at the holiday park it would be rude not to take a rod.

The main fishing areas are the two beaches and the rocky corner outcrop. The beaches are generally close in with light rock and weed on longer casts. The rock marks give access to slightly deeper waters and are preferable to fish from.

Fishing is unsurprisingly similar to other venues in the area. It is possible to catch Bream in this area as well as your standard species.

Hafan Y Mor is a decent spot to fish and ideal if staying at the holiday park.

Species available (not exhaustive)

Bass, Dab, Bream, Dogfish, Whiting

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