Nefyn Beach

Nefyn Beach is nice and long with plenty of space to fish, it’s never been a busy beach when I have visited so should be quite quiet. This is most likely due to lack of parking facilities, you can park for free on the sloped area but there are only a few spaces (maybe 15 max). Get there early or late and you will be fine.

There are toilets at the top of the road down to the beach which admittedly is quite steep but doable. The section of the beach near the parking / holiday homes is a gently sloping sand with little to no features. The area around the small breakwater protecting the houses has some small lug beads. At low tide tide you can pump your own fresh Lug if needed in this area and its generally safe to do so.

At high tide the water reaches the cliff edge so you may become cut of, the same happens heading east from the slip way until you are a lot further up the beach. The single section is raised up above the high tide line.

As you head further down the beach to the east it’s remains sandy for a while before turning into shingle then pebble. This is a long walk from the parking area,as I said the beach / sandy section is covered at high tide so be warned. The pebble beach area to the east is slightly deeper but only a little, it is close to Pistyl Dock fishing mark. I have fished most section of this beach and from the shingle has always produced more fish and varies species.

There is a quicker way to this area, parking is limited to 2/3 cars maximum. Heading into Nefyn from the east (Caernafron) there is a camping and caravan site called The Wern.

There is enough room to squeeze a couple of cars in close to the wall immediately after the entrance. Cross the road onto the caravan park and keep to the left as you enter, there is a ravine with a path leading down to the pebble section of the beach?.

Saves the legs when lugging tackle about, as you come off the path and onto the beach I fish to the right up to 100 metres or so. This area is slightly deeper, if you go further the ground you will be fishing on is slighty rockier as you get close to the cliff outcrop and may lose tackle. Just after the rocky outcrop section is Pistyll Dock.

Fishing is generally consistently good which could be why there is a lack of reports, this being during the more fishy months…warmer. It can throw up all sorts of surprises on its day, its great for bass. I have seen sea trout jump here to but never caught one.

As its not near an estuary you can get away with a minimum of 3 ounce gripper lead unless the wind is up. Going with a 4 ounce will give you no bother, tackle losses should not happen as its sandy all the way down to the dock. In terms of baits try to decide what it is you will be targeting as a good number of species can be caught here. Plain old Blag Lug works well for most species, its a good all rounder. Try fish or squid baits for larger species, there are Rays, Smoothhounds and Tope in the area.

Bass are quite common even if they are not all monsters, its a a prolific mark for them in my opinion. Dinas Dillne is a well known Bass beach and as the crow flies it is very close to this venue. We have had a cracker of a session here on the cheapest Morrisons peeled cooked prawns, Tope pups and Smoothhounds a plenty! 3 per hook and plenty of bait elastic did the trick. Read more HERE. They were not of any real size but its always great to get a few mixed species on a session.

The area of the beach near the toilets and mini breakwater protecting the few houses can also fish well. On one trip in early April I was casting onto the sandy bottom, I was literally unable to put my rod onto the tripod. Before I could put the rod down we were into fish, Whiting only but they were practically jumping onto the hooks! Cast and retrieve and they were on. It was like a plague of them had descended onto the beach, they were only pins but can be used for bait if needed.

Its a generally great place too, camping on the Wern is only £8-10 a night with plenty of room and some of the best showers and toilets I have seen on a campsite. Perfect for a couple of late tides and close the fishing marks. If you are in the area try Pistyll Dock or maybe at the back of the golf course at Morfa Nefyn. Its a central location meaning all of the Llyn Peninsula can be reached in less than 30 minutes,  Anglesey is only a short drive away..

Species: not exhaustive

Bass, Whiting, Dab, Smoothhound, Tope, Thornback Ray, Dogfish

Lon Y Traeth, Nefyn, Pwllheli LL53 6ED

Park close to the wall outside the camping park, follow the ravine through the caravan park.

near B4417, Pwllheli LL53 6LL

Tight Lines, live tide times below.

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