Dinas Dinlle

Dinas Dinlle is a great spot for sea fishing, a vast beach with plenty of good spots to fish. Boat fishermen have regular catches of Tope out in the bay, it’s a well known hot spot. Moreover it is one of only a few spots in the north west you can target Tope from the shore.

There is ample parking all down the beach, there are also plenty of fishing marks which require a bit of a trek, if you head further west for example. The good thing about this section is during summer the tourists generally stay in the area around the car parks / shops/ toilets. Summer time the beach can be full of tourists, it’s best fishing it at night to avoid the crowds near the parking areas. That said it also fishes very well during the hours of darkness, so it’s win win. Just try to fish on an incoming tide going into darkness, a bit of an onshore breeze will help too.

Dinas Dinlle is also a cracking bass beach and produced well even during winter time 2018/2019. Bass are usually difficult to come across in the colder months so it is unusual for this to happen. The reports were pretty consistent too, hopefully this will continue.

Dinas Dinlle fishing is pretty much a snag free fishing mark as it is mostly onto a sandy bottom. It fishes at any state of the tide, just avoid the smaller high tides, just so you get a bit more depth. Do a reccy at low tide if you get chance to find the gullies as this is where the fish will be easier to get. They will always follow the gullies in search of any food that gets washed in. 4 ounce gripper leads will hold bottom fine here unless you want to try rolling leads to find the fish holding gullies.

In terms of bait Dinas Dillne fishing can require you to match your baits to the species you are targeting. I good all rounder is black lug or Rag worm for the bass, flatties etc. If targeting Tope fish baits will work best, larger Mackerel flappers or folded Dab (belly out). One tip if you have time and crab activity is relatively low. Cast a big, big bait out at low tide and fish the tide up. 2 rods so you don’t get bored with one moving back with you. The other bait remaining static as you move. This will put you in far better position for the tope, you simply can’t cast this far.

2 hook flappers are fine for the majority of fish you will catch here, Tope fishing requires a much more robust setup. Not just the terminal tackle but rod and reel as you never know what may take your bait.

There is a caravan and campsite at the back of the beach too if you want to stay over. A shop and a chippy so you can get something to eat if needed, toilets too.

Species: Not exhaustive

Bass, Whiting, Dogfish, Tope, Dab, Codling, Plaice, Turbot, Smoothhound, Thornback Ray, Flounder, Plaice, Rockling, Lesser Weaver


Lug, Crab, Rag, Blow, Mackerel, Squid. The usual suspects.

Dropped pin
Near Llandwrog

The parking post code is Caernarfon LL54 5TW

Tight lines

Tight Lines, live tide times below.

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