Barmouth sea fishing is great, there are several marks in the area to try. The estuary is great for flatties and there is also good fishing to be had from the beaches. Plenty of marks to choose from, timing and location can be key here.

Barmouth is a busy and bustling tourist resort, during the holidays it gets packed. That said if the sun comes out so do people here, there are still a few places that you won’t get bothered though. Late evening or night time is best if you want to try a certain spot during summer.

The estuary itself is very much tidal but there are a few spots that get a reprieve from the strong pull. When fishing here expect the usual flatties, Dogfish plus Bass. There are also Mullet around in summer too.

There are plenty of places along the main beach to fish, from the harbour at the town to over a mile to the north. At the northern end where the car park ends is a popular spot to fish. This end tends to only have cars as tourists make there way towards the town end. The fishing all along the beach is pretty similar, just find a spot you like the look of. Best bet is to reccy at low tide to find any features or gullies.

A great spot to try fishing from is Barmouth rail bridge itself. During summer it can be great for catching Bass, Garfish and good flounder in winter. The tidal pull is quite strong so heavier gripper leads are best. A drop net will also come in handy or you may have to hand line any decent fish which is always a risk. Just be mindful of people and trains when casting.

There is loads of parking directly behind the beach, it is however all pay and display. There is also a path over the train lines leading directly on to a campsite if you fancy staying over.

Barmouth sea fishing is decent enough and can throw up the odd few surprises. Nice place to visit too when the sun is out.

Tight lines

Species: not exhaustive

Bass, Dogfish, Mullet, Whiting, Codling, Weever, Dab, Flounder, Pollock, Plaice, Garfish, Rockling.

The address for the main beach carpark is Barmouth LL42 1NF. There is also a smaller carpark as you enter Barmouth from mid Wales, it’s closer if you want to fish the bridge. It can be found HERE.

Tight lines, live tide times below.

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