Menai Bridge

The Menai Bridge fishing venue is good for numerous reasons but namely decent fishing and awesome scenery.
There are couple of fishing marks on either side of the bridge, each with its own opportunities. Good casts can get you out into the deeper sections but there are plenty fish around the margins too, it all depends what you are targeting.

The fishing marks are all pretty tide dependent but some can be fished straight through. Speaking of tide times its always best to check these before you go. The very nature of the tide run here means it can be very different from other local marks, slack water is usually an hour before high or low tide. The differing pull and push of the tide at either end of the Menai affects the tide times, think of the Swellies and how difficult they are to navigate with boats due to this.

On bigger tides I have used 5 ounce gripper leads here but from experience 6 ounce grippers should be used as a minimum. That said 4/5 ounce grippers are still usable during times of slacker water, its just easier allround with bigger leads.

The most recognisable mark is probably the green, a nice flat and comfortable fishing mark on the Anglesey side.

The green, an area in Menai Bridge that is good for sea fishing

On the other side of the bridge is another mark which is not quite as comfortable as the green. It’s easy enough to get to and find, it’s a small section of rock that sticks out from the wooded area. Just into the woods you will see a stone circle so you know you are in the right bit and it’s not big. Head towards the water and you are on the mark.

The weather can soon turn on the island, there is some protection afforded from the differing wind directions on Menai Bridge fishing marks. If others marks fail and you are intent on fishing you should find at least one pleasant spot.

You can find many spots on the Bangor side of the Menai Bridge, just pick your spot.

If you need any supplies then Menai Angling (fishing tackle / bait) is within walking distance of these marks. A little further up towards Beaumaris there is also Anglesey Bait Centre at Gallows point, it is well stocked with everything you should need.

Parking in this area can be a bit of a nightmare as there are a few tourist hot spots pulling in cars into the area. Visitors to Church Island and the Menai Bridge itself will all be after the same parking spots as you. Getting here early or later definitely helps, especially during the summer holidays it can be a real pain. Parking is pay and display, there is also room for a couple of cars under the bridge too, it’s free and almost on top of the fishing marks.

Good baits for this area are naturally occurring ones found in the Menai. Regular baits are fine but try Muscles etc as it’s what they are used to eating.

Tight lines

The closest tackle and bait shop is Menai Angling, 19 Water St, Menai Bridge LL59 5DD. Contact number is 07595 634926.

Check out our online shop at Terminal tackle of all types and sizes, if you can’t see it just ask and we will try and stock it. Check out the the home page on here for any promo codes.

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