Cable Bay

I love this place, not just for the fishing. It is just along from Ty Croes to the east and Rhosneigr to the west and the amount of dolphins and other large sea creatures such as whales I have seen in this area is awesome.

Fishing wise it is good, you park at a little car park for the beach that is now unfortunately pay and display (can get away with at night but it’s your call) Looking out to sea follow the right hand side headland fom the car park along the foot path.

It is quite an easy tab with the gear, the end is down onto the rocks fishing diagonally across the bay onto a sandy bottom, the further right fish the more snags you get but the more species you are likely to catch.

The fishing is good and similar to Ty Croes not far to the east behind the race track. It is a good ray mark in the right season with most species making a show as well as lobster and octopus making an appearance. I’ve seen diving footage of the area with a few blue lobsters about.

Close in you can fish for mini species and wrasse, which there are plenty of as well as Pollock. Float fishing with peices of rag or lug can produce well, I’ve seen plenty of fish come out to lures but havn’t tried this myself as yet. I like to bait up feathers with a 2 ounce lead on and fish like I would normally on the bottom and this works well for wrasse. Had some decent size ones, don’t cast too far though. Literally 40yards max, just need to clear the rocks closer in.

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