Point Lynas

Point Lynas is a cracking sea fishing spot on the Northern coast of Anglesey. Secondly apart from the stunning views it’s also a good spot to see Harbour Porpoise and Dolphins.

The thing with point Lynas is it’s a bit of a walk from the parking spot in the village. From the mini roundabout behind the beach up to the Lighthouse itself, it’s a private road. With that in mind its easier to travel as light as possible. Take what you need only if you’re not up to the trek.

There is enough room from a few cars on the right before the stone gate posts on the private road. People do park here on a fairly regular basis out of the holiday season. Two cars were there in early feb as I walked past…It has been known for the owner to kick up a bit of a fuss, try ringing before hand and you may be surprised.

The walk down to the various marks is not for the less able, sections are steep, rocky and decent footwear is a must. The is a half decent path down on to the end point.

In all sections you will be fishing from the rocks on to rough ground. Definitely a good spot to use a rotten bottom setup. The popular spot is just to the right of the old jetty, which sadly is no longer accessible. You can setup on the big rock and be pretty safe from the incoming tide. If its bad conditions you shouldn’t be fishing here anyway, certainly not alone.

Though I haven’t tried it looks a good spot for a bit of lure fishing. There is sure to be plenty of mini species and Wrasse in this section of the coast.

Species available (not exhaustive)

Dogfish, Whiting, Wrasse, Huss, Conger, Pollock, Mackerel (summer)

Porth Eilian car park (free) can be found at Llaneilian, Amlwch LL68 9LT

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