St Mary’s, Menai

St Mary’s is possibly the first fishing venue you can access when crossing the Brittania Bridge. It’s literally less than 3 minutes drive away from the first junction.

Parking is simple enough, St Mary’s Church has a decent size free car park. Once parked up, grab your gear and head into the church grounds. Please be respectful and close any gates behind you, this helps keep angler access open.

Once in the cemetery head down the path and keep to the left and through the trees. You will see signs of night time shenanigans so it’s something to be aware of if fishing alone. I don’t mean the undead, just signs of campfires and empty beer cans etc. You can’t get lost really as the Menai is straight infront of you.

One of the better aspects of this venue is you get a bit of choice. 3 easy enough access spots to fish from. Maybe more but after checking maps the 3 look the best and are fished by the local anglers for a reason.

All three have the same characteristics. When fishing high tide you have to play the fish over the rocky outcrops if fishing the bottom. If you move down with the tide, a good cast will put you in a decent depth of water. Try lures over the top at high as the Bass will be about in warmer weather. The ground is mostly rough close in but not to bad further out. Try fishing a few hours either side of low tide to make life easier.

At the bottom of the path turn right. You can fish from the Nelson memorial, straight out in front. This mark does get covered on large high tides so it’s something to be aware of. The tide will come in as high as the pathway behind it.

Just before the bottom of the walkway from the cemetery there is a little path on the left. This mark is slightly further to the North than the Nelson memorial towards the bridge. The 3rd and largest rocky outcrop is where you should be. Access is along the pathway through the trees, you will fine here at high tide. You will also feel the ledge on the retrieve, keep an eye out for line abrasion.

Further north again you can fish almost under the Brittania Bridge. Not tried this particular spot but its often fished by local anglers. Just follow the coast up from the second spot, its not far at all.

Species available (not exhaustive)

Bass, Whiting, Dogfish, Huss, Cod, Conger, Pollack, Butterfish, Dab, Flounder. Heard of Pouting and Wrasse too.

Tight lines.

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