Fleetwood, the home of fish and chips, fishing too if you are that way inclined. Fleetwood is is a high tide venue, the distance and danger involed means it’s not safe or practical to fish low tide. However…If you must you can fish the estuary entrance for flatties, I tend to get whiting and small codling here too in wimter. There is plenty of free parking near the estuary mouth, a very short was across the shingle.

You can see ish the sea goes out a long way. Pic from early April.

There are a few snags in the main gulley section of the estuary, as the tide starts to come in the tackle loses seems to increase but its not too bad. Use a 6 ounce gripper and you will be ok. If fishing the main beach you are straight onto the sand so lighter leads can be used

A perfectly formed little cod from the river mouth in April.

The Fleetwood to blackpool section fishes pretty much the same. There are several hotspots down the length of the sea wall / defenses. Personally I think these hotspots are down to the availability of close parking to the venues. Most are names after the local land marks such as Anchorsholme or 5 bar gate which incidently no longer has 5 bars across it.

The area pretty much fishes all the same, if it’s the right season / time of year then if one area is fishing well much of the stretch is doing the same. For this area of the northwest it’s best to check out the features and gullies at low tide. The sands are constantly shifting with each tide so it’s best to do a bit of a reccy at low tide if you don’t fish the area often.

This section of the coast tends to be pretty comfortable fishing from the promenade area or just on the high tide line of the beach, weather permitting. There are a few tackle shops locally selling fresh and frozen baits as well as regular shops and toilets close by. Decent fish and chips too.

Car Park
The Esplanade, Fleetwood FY7 6UW


Tight lines, live tide times below.

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