Talacre Beach fishing mark is traditionally a low tide venue as its a long and shallow. It tends to hit the forums and report pages on social media during the summer months, when people target the smoothhounds in the area. Reports of Smoothhound catches usually appear from late April / early may. Mid May is when they arrive in numbers, this is evidenced by numerous catch reports. On the 15th of May 2019 one angler caught 14 in only a few hours, having to drop down to one rod to keep up. There are some cheap mixed rigs available here

It fishes ok at low for other species such as flatties and can throw up bass too, had plenty here but nothing over a few pounds. Whiting and Cod are available in winter, when entering the beach area head to the right until just after the green bouy. It is a bit of a walk, watch out for the soft almost muddy sinking sand in a few areas.

Sand is usually a lot darker in these sinky areas, also any small sections with running water are also very sticky. It has quite a tidal pull on larger tides, being at the end of the river Dee. The venue is usually fished 2 hours either side of low tide. The tide comes in quick so its a dangerous venue if you don’t allow yourself enough time to get off the beach. Its also a long walk from the car park.

Talacre Beach is a haven for holiday makers in summer but there is usually enough free parking. There are a couple of paid parking areas behind the pub on the way in. Just be mindful the free car park closes / gets locked in the evening and it is liable to flooding on high tides, 40 cars are were written off in 2016. The free car park itself is full of large pot holes but navigated slowly and carefully it’s fine. The area you are fishing is far from where the tourists are located, the odd dog walker may pass so it pretty quiet.

One thing I would say is if you are fishing at night try not to do so alone, secondly if a fog bank rolls in it can be treacherous. Take a small compass or make sure your phone has charge so you can use google maps. It is very difficult to navigate off the beach in fog. Safety first, always.

It can get busy when word gets out that the hounds have arrived, plenty of room for everyone though.

Species: not exhaustive

Dab, Flounder, dogfish, Bass, Smoothhounds and occasionally Thornback Rays. In 2019 I saw the first Bull Huss I have seen reported from this venue.


Most baits will work fine at this venue for general fishing. If targeting Smoothhounds you will increase your chance of catching by using Peeler Crab, if there are none available then your second option should be Squid.

Talacre Beach fishing can be very rewarding, with some great fish coming out in summer, tight lines.

Talacre Beach Car Park, Station Rd, Talacre, Holywell CH8 9RP