Diy sea fishing weights

Diy sea fishing weights are a great way of saving money on the most easily lost item in your kit. I don’t mean making weights yourself from moulds but using everyday objects.

If money is tight or you are trying out sea fishing then there are diy weight options you can try. Care should always be taken when using any form of weight when casting.

The tide may drag you in to a snag or you are fishing using rotten bottoms. Its inevitable that you will lose sea fishing weights here and there.

In order to use everyday items as weights you still have to make sure they are suitable for purpose. When fishing in strong tidal areas then a gripper weight is always going to win out over other options.

If you are fishing in rough ground close in, a form of weight is all you need as it shouldn’t be pushed around by the tide. Secondly if you are using Mackerel feathers or fishing down the side of a pier, jetty or a rock mark. The above still applies. All you need is something with a bit of weight to sink your bait or enable short casts only. This is were diy sea fishing weights come in to play.

A couple of items come in handy as a diy weights, I have used two on the list. Though none were used to cast just purely to sink baits which is safe. I wouldn’t advise casting unless you know its safe to do so.

First up is a good old fashioned spark plug, use pliers to pinch the end, creating a loop to thread line through. Scrap yards usually have loads.

Second on the list is a nut, as in nut and bolt. They come in various sizes and as such, weights. More than one can be added to speed up the sinking time.

Thirdly, stones. Yup, stones. They are usually abundant in most places and have to be of the right shape to enable them to be tied on. Do not try and cast stones any distance under any circumstances. Diy stone fishing weights are abundant along shingle beaches, these can also be drilled to attached loops etc.

Anything small, heavy and has the ability to be tied on should do the trick. Just make sure its not going to cause pollution of any kind, if in doubt don’t use it. Remember safety first for yourself and whoever is around you.

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