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Scorpion Fish

Scorpion Fish are an absolutely stunning fish species, they look very different from most others. Almost alien in nature with a stunning set of colours, you don’t see vibrant fish often around the UK. Wrasse are the only exception.

There are two species of Scorpion Fish, long spine and short spine. They are both very similar in appearance but do have some slight differences.

The Scorpion Fish is found all around the UK, its is most often found around rocky and kelp areas and can often be found in rockpools at low water.

I have found that they are not fussy eaters and have been known to take small LRF lures. My preferred method is small baited hooks, I’ve caught plenty on baited Sabiki rigs close in against fixtures. Lug, Rag, Blow have all worked to catch them. Moreover, I often use small crab nets (mini lobster pot style) to collect fresh live bait like prawns. Baited with Mackerel I have had several enter to pots to feed on the bait.

A great place to target them is the Breakwater at Holyhead.

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