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Corkwing Wrasse

Corkwing Wrasse are a stunning mini species found all around the coast of the UK.

Corkwing Wrasse are one of the nicest looking fishing (in my opinion) that as anglers we can catch relatively easily. They are an abundant species which are found around structures and close in among rocks and Kelp. You can fish for them right under your feet if the area allows you to fish straight down.

An easy and simple method of catching Corkwing Wrasse is to use the drop shot method. Moreover if I plan to have a go at catching Corkwing Wrasse and other mini species my go to method is Sabaki rigs.

You don’t need to use all of the hooks that come on pre made Sabiki hooks. A lot of these sets come with a minimum of 6 hooks and increase in numbers. 3 to 4 hooks is ample as it let you fish different levels of the water. Too many hooks and you run the risk of snags and fish wrapping themselves up. There is also the risk catching on each hook and dependent on the ground condition this can be a nightmare, its usually ok around piers or breakwaters.

Baits are really simple. Small sections of any sort of sea worm, Lug, Blow and especially Rag. That said you can also use common garden worms for this very purpose, just don’t expect them to live very long. One inch sections as bait are more than enough, just hook them on the Sabiki’s and your good to go. Corkwig Wrasse are not fussy eaters and will take most baits offered including fish etc. The reason I use worm is for practicality more than anything.

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