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Plaice are a Summer visitor to most of the UK but can still be caught in Winter on occasion on the south coast.

When targeting Plaice you normally have to wait until the waters warm up around the UK. Unlike the resident Dab and Flounder that inhabit coastal waters all year round.

Some Anglers do struggle to identify what species of flatfish they have caught, Plaice, Dab and Flounder can be quite similar in appearance. Plaice are the easiest to identify due to their orange / red spots. Dabs sometimes have spots on their frill but they are far darker in colour.

Plaice will take most baits but I find worm baits work well. They tend to be found mainly on sandy bottoms and areas close to esturies can produce. I’ve always caught them on simple 2 hook flapper rigs. Some anglers will use smaller hooks but I’ve had plenty on large hooks. You will be surprised how large a hook and bait a small flatfish will take. However dropping hook size helps to increase catches, especially if the stamp of fish is poor.

Another favorite addition to flatfish rigs are “bling”. Coloured beads and shiny spinners are added to try and attract flatfish. Whether these actually work is debatable, a lot of time the water clarity is poor. I think it has a lot more to do with scent than anything else and changing baits regular is key.

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