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Pollock are a cracking fish to target from the boat or shore. Mini’s close and and some monsters in deep water marks and out at sea.

Voracious predators at times, Pollock offer fantastic sport when lure fishing from rocks. The UK shore caught record is a decent 18lb 4oz (Abbotsbury), with the boat record coming in at 29lb 4oz (Dungeness).

They can put up a cracking fight, especially on lighter tackle. Diving deep into the kelp when hooked its no wonder they are some anglers favourite lure target.

Pollock love hanging around in kelp beds, hiding to ambush prey. Deep water rock mark with kelp and feature are a good place to try and target them.

One thing I do like is the variation in skin colour tone on smaller Pollock. I had a perfect little example of this while using Mackerel tinsel, stunning bronze colouration.

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